Members guaranteed to be KYC compliant.


Members can find buyers and suppliers.

Business Intelligence

Members can buy business (credit) reports on each other.

Contract Certainity

Members can 'handshake' their invoices and key documents.


Members can insure invoices against Buyer default.


Members can discount invoices and apply for credit.

The Platform is...

A Member only trading Hub
A marketplace for Buyers and Sellers
Access trade finance and credit insurance

The Platform Delivers...

Compliance, credit analytics, insurance and finance tools to trading companies so that they can compete successfully with the largest competitors and win business. Access to data and tools to get critical data and services at attractive prices with no long term contracts or minimum spend.

A Trading Hub

Buy, Sell, Credit Insure, Finance with confidence from one dashboard.

Trading Tools

Compliance checks, Credit Reports, Trade Credit Insurance, Finance.


Checks on all Members done at platfrom level continuously at no cost.

Business Intelligence

Buy business (credit) reports - attach to trade credit insurance and finance applications.

Credit Insurance

Manage default risk through single-click credit insurance for agreed invoices.


Invite buyers on to the platform, offer deferred payment terms and generate more sales.

What we do


Buyers, sellers, insurers and financiers share static and transaction data at each stage of the transaction. This includes compliance, business reports and agreed invoices which saves everyone time and money.

Credit Insurance

For firms who extend credit, non-payment risk of invoices can be insured with a single-click or using human underwriters. This reduces credit exposure and makes it easier to access finance.


Capital tied up in invoices awaiting settlement can be released by selling them to trade financiers with credit insurance protection. Knowing this can help buyers and sellers close more trades.

Our Services

Do Business with Verified Counterparties

Regulators, financiers and insurers trade only with firms who pass compliance (KYC) checks. Therefore, we require Platform Members to have a "Verified" status for account activation.

This status is continually checked in the background saving members from having to worry about this crucial but time intensive task.

Each Member firm and its individual users are checked for the following: Identity, Anti Money Laundering, Politically Exposed Persons and presence on Sanctions lists,

Credit Reports

The Platform solves the following problems:

• Finding and retrieving business (credit) reports is time consuming
• Pricing varies considerably by country and speed of delivery
• Storing and sharing (using desktop apps) with colleagues, insurers and financiers is cumbersome.

With a single click Members can:

• Buy up-to-date business (credit) reports at a fair price with a prepaid token
• Use those reports for internal credit decisions
• Share with credit insurers and lenders when making applications.

This produces significant cost savings and efficiency gains as the report is only paid for once. Moreover, insurers and lenders value receiving fully-formed applications with credit reports attached.

Reports from many of the larger, first-world countries can be bought immediately from the Platform while others take a little longer.


- Bring trading counterparts on to the Platform with a free Membership.

- Buyer and Seller agree invoice with a 'handshake’.

- Credit insure default risk of buyer.

Credit Insurance

Credit Insure invoices against Buyer default with single-click cover. Avoid the need for: 

• An annual policy
• A large minimum or deposit premium 
• A lengthy application form and approval process

Inovice: Value: £1,000 - £250,000
Indemnity 75% - 90% of Invoice Value
Payment Period of Invoice 30-365 days
Pricing Range 0.25% - 0.75% per month

How it Works

Compliance Checks

KYC / KYB compliance checks on Members from the following countries is automated:

UK and Ireland
Larger EU countries
USA, Canada and Australia
Singapore and HK
Larger Lat Am countries

Credit Reports

Member can access business (credit) reports on companies resident in the UK and Ireland immediately. Other G20 countries will be added by Q2 2019.

Why Join?

Confidence: Members automatically and continuously verified as KYC / KYB compliant
Simplicity : Build profile, invite counterparts, agree invoices, insure default risk and apply for finance
Speed: Applications for credit insurance and finance happen with a single click
Integration: Data integrated into a user-centric and seamless workflow
Ease: Sharing of static and dynamic data makes for speed and accuracy when applying for insurance and finance
Certainty: Buyer and seller handshake on invoices, agreement recorded and stored
Free KYC (compliance) checks on trading partner
Search for Buyers and Suppliers
Low cost credit reports
Single-click applications to credit insurers and lenders
Contract certainty from 'handshaking' invoices
Access to all transaction records from one dashboard